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Tutorial at Virtual Winter School on Computational Chemistry

Coulomb-distorted orbit-based methods for matter in intense laser fields and attosecond imaging applications

It was a great experience to prepare & give this tutorial, in which I discuss many orbit-based developments in my field. The tutorial starts from the most widespread semi-analytic approach & main workhorse in strong-field laser-matter interaction, the strong-field approximation, provides examples of how one can go beyond and closes with a few examples of our own work. It was also great to deliver it in a winter school that is entirely for free and available to everyone (including the Global South). We must support these initiatives. It is designed with a quantum/computational chemistry audience in mind, but it's also general enough for the curious and hopefully useful for the strong-field/attoscience community.

Here you will find the original link (with the talk embedded).

I have also asked for the video to include in the group's YouTube channel:

I hope it is a useful resource. It was prepared with a lot of care.

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