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Selected projects beyond the ivory tower

Articles and talks aimed at the general public, interviews, Twitter takeovers, YouTube videos & more - because science does not exist in a  vacuum and we need to deal with societal issues too.

For a full list please check my CV

Please note: Due to some unpleasant experiences in 2021/22 I have become more selective with the outreach and/or equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) activities I undertake and I am currently re-evaluating my participation. Whilst I continue to strive for a better world, self-care is paramount and I am not willing to be epistemically exploited (for a definition of epistemic exploitation see here). These activities involve a high degree of emotional labour and they should not be the sole burden of minoritized researchers. 

How to help:

  • Invite us to talk about our science.

  • Fund us/support us/cite us.

  • Do not take for granted we will talk about our traumas. Our suffering is not someone else’s entertainment (or a Brazilian soap opera).

  • Acknowledge the time & effort it takes to talk about “our journey”, diversity, etc. A competitor will use that time to publish another paper.

  • It shouldn’t be about making the workplace more “diverse”, but about challenging current power structures.  

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