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Resources - Free physics online seminar series

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

A silver lining of the pandemic is that many conferences and events went online and many of them ran free of charge last year. Unfortunately, this has changed in 2021 and for some it is business as usual once more. I was shocked & dismayed to see that many learned societies in my field are charging huge fees for online events, which are comparable to their onsite counterparts, and that the material cannot be freely accessed due to corporate barriers. In onsite conferences there is catering, conference dinner, speakers' local expenses, but now??? IT cannot be that expensive! Like this, they exclude whole regions in the planet from prompt access to information, such as the Global South.

For that reason, below you will find links to physics seminar series and events that are free of charge and can be watched from anywhere in the globe.

Many of the series stated above have their own YouTube channels, so that you may watch as a passive viewer at your own time. If you know of any other event that is not included, please let me know.

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