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New spiral-like holographic structure

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

We (Dr Andy Maxwell and Prof. Carla Faria) have identified a new interference pattern, in theoretical and experimental results for tunnel ionised electrons, called the "spiral"!

The spiral has been measured by our collaborators in Wuhan and it results from the #quantum interference of two types of Coulomb-distorted pathways, which interact strongly with the target. This makes them very sensitive to phase shifts and potentially ideal for #ultrafast #photoelectron #holography.

This structure has been overlooked as a case of mistaken identity. Before our work, it had been attributed to direct, non-interacting electron orbits.

We did face some resistance from parts of the community prior to publication, but it is more that a change of culture is needed from field-dressed #Born-type methods, in which the continuum is approximated by plane waves. We hope the spiral will be useful in the future.

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