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Atto Fridays Seminar Series

We at UCL (Carla Faria, Cornelia Hofmann and Abbie Bray) are organizing an online seminar series on Fridays at 3pm London time - the #attofridays. This series is associated with the #quantumbattles in #attoscience virtual workshop and will include leaders in the field. We are delighted that many people have agreed to talk & a preliminary programme is already available. If you have registered for the Quantum Battles in Attoscience last summer you are automatically registered for this one. Otherwise, registration will open soon.

It will be for free, as it should be, to allow anyone interested to participate, from everywhere on Earth (not only the global North). If you would only like to watch, it will be livestreamed on YouTube!

For more info see

Yes, we are all cat fans and some of us support the Mangueira samba school, as you can see from the colors!

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