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Spatiotemporal Imaging of Valence Electron Motion - Talk by Zack Dube

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Spatiotemporal Imaging of Valence Electron Motion

by Zack Dube

3rd February 2021 @ 4pm

Zoom Event - Contact Abbie Bray (@AbbieBrayPhys on Twitter) for Zoom Credentials

Electron motion on the (sub-)femtosecond time scale constitutes the fastest response in many natural phenomena such as light-induced phase transitions and chemical reactions. Whereas static electron densities in single molecules can be imaged in real space using scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscopy, probing real-time electron motion inside molecules requires ultrafast laser pulses.

In this talk, we demonstrate an all-optical approach to imaging an ultrafast valence electron wave packet in real time with a time-resolution of a few femtoseconds. We employ a pump-probe-deflect scheme that allows us to prepare an ultrafast wave packet via strong-field ionization and directly image the resulting charge oscillations in the residual ion.

Zack Dube is a PhD student at the (National Research Council Canada) under Dr Andre Staudte. He is an experimentalist in Strong Field laser and ultra-fast laser optics. His current experiment involves looking at photoelectron distributions from synthetically chiral pulses. Zack is currently visiting

London and has enjoyed learning about the theory done here at UCL.

Check Out the Video Below:

Disclaimer: No, we do not think chemists are automatically trolls, unless they butcher the Dirac notation.

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