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It is all about phases: ultrafast holographic imaging

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

"Photoelectron holography constitutes a powerful tool for the ultrafast imaging of matter, as it combines high electron currents with subfemtosecond resolution, and gives information about transition amplitudes and phase shifts. Similarly to light holography, it uses the phase difference between the probe and the reference waves associated with qualitatively different ionization events for the reconstruction of the target and for ascertaining any changes that may occur. These are major advantages over other attosecond imaging techniques, which require elaborate interferometric schemes in order to extract phase differences. For that reason, ultrafast photoelectron holography has experienced a huge growth in activity, which has led to a vast, but fragmented landscape. The present review is an organizational effort towards unifying this landscape. This includes a historic account in which a connection with laser-induced electron diffraction is established, a summary of the main holographic structures encountered and their underlying physical mechanisms, a broad discussion of the theoretical methods employed, and of the key challenges and future possibilities. We delve deeper in our own work, and place a strong emphasis on quantum interference, and on the residual Coulomb potential."

This is the first review of its kind on #ultrafast #photoelectron #holography. It took us an insane amount of work to write, but there was a pressing need to unify the area's landscape and we felt compelled to do so. We hope you enjoy it and realize that, at the end of the day, it is all about phases!

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